nikola lutz

The Creature In My Mirror

Nikola Lutz - concept, video
Thio Ruck - e-guitar
Chi Him Chik - electronics, coding
Lale Ortak - design


The Creature In My Mirror reflects in a double portrait of guitarist Thilo Ruck the processual unfolding of identities through the encounter with the others. In betweenn the triad of person - object - observer, the actors orbit like planets - merging and drifting apart. Alongside the guitarist Thilo Ruck, composer Bernhard Lang (whose composition DW6b offers a free space for formal elaboration and improvisation), and documentator Nikola Lutz, the guitar itself is also at the same time an actor and the subject of transformation. In the first part of the event, its cultural implications form the aesthetic framework of the installation, in which the video documentation of DW6b is recalled. And in the second part, the piece is reinterpreted live in a performative way. The guitar is treated as a physical property through a transformation of its mechanical structure and meaning. In the live multimedia performance with Chi Him Chik, Nikola Lutz and Thilo Ruck, The Creature In My Mirror takes up Lang's method of looping structures and transforms it into an audiovisual hall of mirrors, which nevertheless has inherent cracks.

please note the date change!

6 pm
online and public viewing at Kultur Kiosk Stuttgart
Free entry !!!

thanks for the support to: Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg

in cooperation with:
35. Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media
Kultur Kiosk